About Us

With over 20 years of experience in the Window Coverings Industry  we decided to fill a need in Lake Tahoe for a professional, experienced, honest, dedicated and service-oriented company. With most of those years being in the Bay Area, we understand the service you should receive, the quality you expect, and the trust that you need.
The customers we serve are Interior Designers, Contractors and Homeowners. When we work directly with homeowners, we pass the savings on to you.
As residents and homeowners in Truckee/Tahoe since 1992 we are familiar with the very different needs of vacation homeowners and year-round residents.
If you are a vacation homeowner, we understand that when you come up for the weekend, you would rather have fun and not work!  We understand that you would like expert advice, the opportunity to touch, feel and see the fabrics, and a competitive price. Most importantly, you would like to have the job installed correctly without you being there. We can make a sales or installation appointment that fits into your busy schedule, even over the weekend.
If you are a local, we understand you are probably here year-round for the same reasons we are. It’s a beautiful place to live. Sprucing up your home with new window coverings can dramatically improve how you feel in a room. Let’s talk about all of the options and a good time to get together. We will come to your home during the day or in the evenings after work. We have probably sold and installed window coverings in the home of someone we both know!
As the owner, I am a licensed window coverings contractor serving Truckee and North Lake Tahoe and have undergone state testing.  Although this is not required by law to install window coverings, but the California Contractors Licensing Board is pushing to make a license mandatory for all window covering installers in California – a good move for your protection.
We enjoy riding, back country skiing, skateskiing, backpacking, climbing and barbecuing with friends. We have a  yellow lab who loves to swim in the lake. He usually stays in the truck and waits for me while I visit your home. Feel free to come outside and throw the stick for him!
Looking forward to meet you!
Steve Jahnke